Prouction of Cocoa Powder

PROCESS Debacterialized, alkalized/natural cocoa product
Food Safety Characteristics Debacterialization, processed in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and HACCP food safety control.
Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Residue 1% (75 micron 200 mesh sieve)
Color Brown- Reddish brown
Flavor Chocolate
pH Natural 5.6- 6.2 (low acid) Alkalized 6.5-7.2
Residual Butter Content 10-12%
Moisture 5.0% max
Fineness 99-99.75%
Appearance Fine powder, absence of lumps
Odor Typical of cocoa; absence of any off aroma
Shell content 1.75 max (shell in nib after winnowing)
Microbiological Characteristics
Total Plate Count/g 5000 max
Mold & Yeast/g 50 max
Coliforms/g negative
Enterobacteriaceae/g absent
Salmonella/25g absent
Bacillus cereus/g (by identification) Absent
Bacillus cereus/g (by enumeration) 200
INTENDED MARKET Raw material for beverage industries/ general public
CONSUMER/ CUSTOMER USE Edible grade and fit for human consumption
PACKAGING 25kg/ net wt., packed in poly-lined multi-walled kraft paper bags; 25kg/ net wt., packed in woven sack with inner lining; 500kg/ net wt., packed in HDPP Woven fabric bulk bag with inner lining.
SHELF LIFE 24 MONTHS from date of manufacture, keeping in original packaging and under optimum storage condition
STORAGE CONDITIONS Temperature:15-200c (58-680F); RH: <60% in clean, dry, well ventilated room ,away from sunlight and free from strong odors
Net Weight
Name and Address of Manufacturer
Batch Number
Production/ Expiration date
Instruction on Hook usage
NIS Number
DISTRIBUTION CONTROL Use of only Containerized Vehicles to prevent physical damage and extreme temperatures
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