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Company Overview

Cocoa products (Ile-Oluji) Limited, was incorporated in 1980. It has remained a leading player in the cocoa processing industry in Nigeria since it commenced operation in 1984. One of the three 1st generation Cocoa Processing companies in Nigeria. Designed and installed capacity: 30,000 tons of raw beans per annum (based on a projected 100 tons of cocoa beans per 24 hours per day of 300-day year) to produce.

- 7,000 metric tonnes of cocoa liquor.
- 8,000 metric tonnes of cocoa butter.
- 2,000 metric tonnes of cocoa cake.
- 7,200 metric tonnes of cocoa powder.

The company has over the years built a robust reputation for itself in the global cocoa market by the quality of the market. It has consistently delivered to the market. It has undergone various changes in its ownership structure transforming from 100% government ownership at inception to the current 90% private ownership with substantial part of this held by Skye Bank and Bank of Industry respectively.

Our vision has always been to acquire and sustain the reputation of a key player in the global Cocoa market and have strived to realize this by consistently employing high Standard Processing Practices that meet quality expectations of our international and local partners while consciously building enduring mutually beneficial relationship with these and prospective customers. In doing these we aim at adding value to Cocoa, create wealth and promote healthy living.

Substantial investments have gone into the company in recent years aimed at keeping the factory operating at a capacity that guarantees continuity in production and growth. Though the company, like most companies, has experienced business cycles that were dictated majorly by the happenings in the global markets, it has leveraged on strength that positions it as a company with very high prospects for the future.

The company, with an installed but expandable capacity of 30,000 metric tons of cocoa per annum, is built on a 23.6 hectare parcel of land, about 75% of which is yet to be developed and available for future expansion and integration. Located in the heart of Cocoa producing belt of Nigeria, it enjoys easy access to its raw materials.

The major shareholders are optimistic of the great potentials and are ready to share this with prospective interests.

Welcome to the world of Cocoa products (Ile-Oluji) Limited.


To be known as key player in the Global Cocoa Economy.


To produce, employing high standard manufacturing processing practices, products that meet the quality expectations of the international and local markets and conscientiously building an enduring mutually beneficial relationship with our customers.

Key Goals

To add value to cocoa create wealth and promote healthy living.

Health Benefits

- Prevent heart disease

- Prevent heart disease

- Fight fatigue

- Boost your brain power

- Prevent diabetes

- Reduce the risk of blood clot

- Prevent Breast cancer

- Arrest persistent cough

- Boost Libido

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